Saturday, May 23, 2009

Objects are NOT larger than they appear.

We just left the Amalfi coast, where we stayed in the small(ish) town of Sorrento as home base. Sorrento is known for it's lemons: lemon-aide, lemon pastries and... Limoncello!

The lemons are outrageously large here. In the picture above, those are lemons on the top shelf and normal sized apples below! While in Sorrento we drank limoncello, strolled through lemon groves and admired the beautiful Amalfi coast.

When life hands you lemons, make limoncello.
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Nicole said...

Thurston wants me to type:
"I love you eho and uncle vince!"
"I want to play cars."
"I love you mama, eho and uncle vince!"

Great photos of the lemons. oh my goodness! I want pix of pompeii!
I love you!
wierd...word verification was "awisse"

Rae Rice said...

Love the pictures of Vince in the lemon groves. Miss you. Izze took 5 steps, all on her own, without prompting, towards me today.

Milla said...

ELYSE!!!! CONGRATS! Vince you lucky dog you... LOVE YOU BOTH!