Friday, May 8, 2009

I fell into a farmers market shopper's heaven.

All my farmers market people - you ain't seen nothing until you've shopped in the south of France. We accidentally stumbled across Aix en Provence's (what I assume is their daily) open air market early this morning. So we pulled up front row seats (at a sidewalk cafe), ordered a café crème and croissants and watched the market unfold.

There were strawberries, asparagus, cheese, spices, beets, peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, olives, lavender soaps, radishes, fish, peaches, honey, etc etc.

We bought the following :
French strawberries that smelled of perfection
Fluffy - yet crisp - green butter lettuce
A deep red (almost maroon) pepper
Salty Greek marinated olives
A bright red tomato
And, the piece de resistance...


It was all so yummy. The strawberries melted in your mouth and the red pepper was juicier than most pears I've eaten. But the garlic was just heavenly.

* happy sighs *
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The Schumanator said...

GORGEOUS! It sounds just magical.

Brianna said...

wow eho... totally amazing. wish i was there! xo