Saturday, May 30, 2009

More ruins.

By popular demand - aka Nicole - I bring you an entry on Pompeii.

I, like a turd, forgot to take photos on my phone of the other ruins we saw in Rome, but captured some at Pompeii. I am admittedly not a history buff. In fact the only class I failed in college was Western Civ (ok...maybe some others too in my "dark ages" era, don't tell my parents). This being said, a trip to Pompeii felt a little obligatory for me. BUT! Pompeii was super cool!

Walking through a complete city, ruined yet preserved, of seriously ancient times was so fascinating. When my child studies European / Roman history I will take them to these ruins! If money permits :)

Highlights included, but were not limited to:

- ancient roman style fast food restaurants
- massive roman baths
- mosaic "beware of dog" welcome mats
And my favorite (tee hee hee)
- brothel, with pictorial menu on the ceiling

If you get the chance, when in Rome do like the Pompeiians did....

PS : the pictures are as follows,

Pompeii ruins with ominous Vesuvius in the background

Bodies formed from pouring plaster into the space preserved around bones

all other photos on Vince's camera ... Sorry!

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Nicole said...

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!
So cool...I cannot wait to see all the pix when you come back. OK I can't wait until I can get there...
Love you sissy.