Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Test 3-4

More preparation for our upcoming trip. Now posting via email vs. text! Free blogging!
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

test 1-2; test 1-2

I have recently purchased a crackberry.
And it truly is addictive, but before you judge -I bought it for you.

Yes, you.

Let me explain...
As my faithful four readers know, I am about to leave for italy and I
can tell that you need to follow my every exploration, meal and
glass of chianti for the month of May! With this crackberry EHo Blogs
will continue on (contain yourselves!).

Okay... I am using the blog to rationalize a frivolous purchase. But
if I do maintain a consistent blogairy while in Italy it should be a
pretty cool thing for myself and Vince to look back on.

Hope you'll be following! We leave May 4th.
Until then, I leave you with a picture from my phone.
(the following entry. Nap time with izze in julian).

Test 1-2... Is this thing even on??

Monday, April 13, 2009

When you take the time to talk to the people standing outside of Trader Joe's...

You might hear something provocative that you'd never considered.
For example, today I stopped to hear what the GreenPeace guy had to say.  He riddled me this:

"Do you know what is inside a box of Kleenex?"

I thought, "Duh, tissue" - but shook my head.

"90 years of ancient forest tree growth.  
Now doesn't that just sound ridiculous?!"

YES! Yes, it does! And, NO - I didn't know what was inside a box of Kleenex! I am by no means perfect and there are many ways I could go more green.  But when I heard this, I was appalled.  I had never thought about what it takes to fill my funky green/brown box of aloe Kleenex.  

I found this guide from GreenPeace.org and thought I should share it with you.  I felt guilty after listening to GreenPeace guy's speech and not being able to sign up for the monthly donations he was after, but if I get just one person to consider buying alternatives to Kleenex than I have done my good deed for the day (no?).


Click on the image to make it larger, or just go here (yes, click me).  

In addition, check out GreenPeace.org for more information on this issue and others.

So... How do your paper products rank? (Mine all pretty much suck.  I will have to use up and move on to other products).

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Crazy Madness Busy Life

I can't remember the last weekend which I had no social or other type of obligation.  The past six weekends in a row have been madness!  So forgive me my dedicated blog readers.  But alas, we catch up.

The activities that have caused my dog excessive anxiety due to loneliness:

(1) Visiting UCLA for grad school
(2) Izze's 1st birthday party
(3) My brother's wedding in Julian
(4) Annual Borrego camping trip with Bree & Gian
(5) Visiting Boston for grad school
(6) MS Walk / Nella's 5th birthday party

I have been admitted to UCLA's Graduate School of Public Health.
Earlier last month, Vince and I went up to visit and learn more about the program.
It is a much larger program than I'd like, but let's get real - LA has lots of health problems and a very large department of public health.  Going to this school will have loads of benefits - if I so choose...

The next weekend, we attended my youngest niece's 1st birthday bash. 
She ate all the sugar in sight, and looked adorable while doing so!

The following weekend my brother got married.
It was the most magical wedding I have ever attended.
The love was infectious and made for a very happy ceremony and reception.

I couldn't be happier to call Erin my sister.  In all my 24 and a half years, I've never seen my brother happier than he is with Erin.  I often describe them as very balanced.  They are a couple to look up to and a love to admire.  Congratulations you two!

The following weekend we went on our 2nd annual camping trip to the desert with Bree and Gian.  We LOVE this ritual and hope it continues into our old age.

The following weekend we ended up in Boston to check out BU's Graduate School of Public Health.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Boston, but it didn't feel like home (of course not, it's not San Diego - but it didn't even feel like a temporary home).  This and the fact that UCLA rocks the socks (or should I say "sox") off the program at BU, likely means we will not end up here - sorry Terriers.  But while in Boston we ate chowda, walked the whole city, and learned how to leave off the "r" in words, such as "hahvahd".  A good time was had by all.

And sadly my friends, I have no photos of the MS walk or my oldest niece's 5th birthday party.
The MS walk was super fun, and I hope to be telling you all about more fundraisers to come.
And, it must be said, that Annella had an "Olympic" themed party and my sister reveled in the fact that this allowed her to played the cheesiest music known to man.

We truly have had a crazy busy life, but the fun does not end there.  
To come:

(1) Easter weekend
(2) Gina (Anthony (Vince (my boyfriend)'s brother)'s girlfriend)'s baby shower.
(3) Seattle friends come into town
(4) We leave to Italy for the month of May.
(5) We up root our San Diego lives and move away (TBA) for grad school.

Until then my bloggies, see you in the cyber-sphere.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Two Peas in a Freaky Pod

As I was sifting through some old photos I found these.
I started laughing and it reminded me of one (of the many) reasons I am in love with Vince; he is always making me laugh, even if it's just stupid humor.

*As a disclaimer: he never reads my blog, but if he does -sorry!

We really are two peas in a freaky pod.