Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bienvenidos a Barcelona!

At 7:30am, local time, Aeropuerto de Barcelona welcomed us to the Catalunya region. We toughed it out for our first several hours in the city by consuming a caffe and baguette con jamón. But later, after an hour of wandering through the labyrinthine streets in the Barri Gòtic with all our luggage to find our short-stay apartment (more on this later), we found ourselves fast asleep within 30 minutes of arrival.

...fast forward 5 hours...

We leave our apartment, which is situated on the edge of sketchy town. Or as Rick Steve's would say, "These characters don't need the palm trees to be shady." But not to worry Mom, we feel very safe and are enjoying the diversity (and keeping our own hands in our pockets).

We are staying in the heart of the "Old City". The architecture here is medieval and the sites are nearby. Above we are posing in front of the Christopher Columbus monument.

Just beyond Las Ramblas (the main drag in town, Champs Élysées-esque) is the harbor, which was apparently beautified for the 1992 Olympics. Beautiful it was. Imaging we were 45 years in the past, we drank sangria and ate tapas on the harbor - just as my father did when he was last here.

Later, we did what every other person in Barcelona was likely doing: drank sangria, ate tapas, and watched world cup. Thank goodness Italia at least tied - otherwise I would have had a very angry Italian-American on my hands. Tomorrow we plan to watch España play Switzerland. I have high expectations of over-the-top enthusiasm from Spanish fans.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Half way to becoming a master

In the summertime...

It is official - school's out for summer and I am half way done with my master degree. This school year has flown by and all the changes that came along with it seem like stability now. There were lengthy  papers and endless articles; big achievements and frustrating errors; friendships made and beaches walked. Goodbye first year. Hello summer!

As I previously mentioned, I have quite the summer ahead of me. First things first - board an airplane headed to Barcelona in 5 hours. Next post will be one with sangria in hand. SALUD!

PS: I mistakenly deleted comments made on the last post. I had weird settings and several drinks and it was confusing. Comment again! They make my day.

Friday, June 4, 2010

(crickets chirping) Anyone still there?

Seven months ago I told you about my fascination with the breakfast burrito and then.. I left, without explanation.

Well, today - a day or two after a massive six-month project on homeless youth suicide was turned in, and a day or two before my last finals for this school year - I have returned to the blogosphere. For better or for worse. Graduate school has been shockingly time consuming!

Brief update on what I have been doing since we last talked:

1. Grad school.

Things I plan to do this summer:

1. Go back to Italy, with a quick stop in Barcelona (and Montreal, don't ask). Vince's brother is getting married in Sicily. Tapas & Vino anyone?

2. Summer internship. More updates on this when it is an officially sealed and finalized position.

3. Bike to the beach. HELLO, Santa Monica!

4. Train for a 5k. I am getting my Masters degree in Public Health. Time to healthify.

5. Read something other than academic articles on suicide & homeless youth.

6. Find a location for our wedding.

I'll be back in a couple days with more deets on Italy.
Until, then. Glad to be back.