Monday, April 13, 2009

When you take the time to talk to the people standing outside of Trader Joe's...

You might hear something provocative that you'd never considered.
For example, today I stopped to hear what the GreenPeace guy had to say.  He riddled me this:

"Do you know what is inside a box of Kleenex?"

I thought, "Duh, tissue" - but shook my head.

"90 years of ancient forest tree growth.  
Now doesn't that just sound ridiculous?!"

YES! Yes, it does! And, NO - I didn't know what was inside a box of Kleenex! I am by no means perfect and there are many ways I could go more green.  But when I heard this, I was appalled.  I had never thought about what it takes to fill my funky green/brown box of aloe Kleenex.  

I found this guide from and thought I should share it with you.  I felt guilty after listening to GreenPeace guy's speech and not being able to sign up for the monthly donations he was after, but if I get just one person to consider buying alternatives to Kleenex than I have done my good deed for the day (no?).


Click on the image to make it larger, or just go here (yes, click me).  

In addition, check out for more information on this issue and others.

So... How do your paper products rank? (Mine all pretty much suck.  I will have to use up and move on to other products).


The Schumanator said...

I love this! and am so glad you asked...I'm working on a promotion for Tropicana orange juice and every time people enter the code printed on package online they save 100 sq feet of rainforest. So far we've saved over 27 million square feet!

Great post!

Elyse said...

Allie, that's awesome! I might just go buy me some tropicana!