Monday, May 11, 2009

Italian Riviera

For the past three days we enjoyed la dolce vita of the Ligurian Sea towns. We made Santa Margherita Ligure our home base and traveled both north and south.

S. Margherita L. is a magically quaint town with details painted onto each building. It has a small harbor and a large church. The streets are paved with sea pebbles (laid out into patterns) and every small dog is well behaved. Kona would love it here! (although likely would not sit quite as quietly as the other dogs during sunday morning brunch in the center of town).

We started each day with a cappuccino and fresh buttery foccacia bread (a specialty in this region). But not to worry Rachel, we walked our tushies off! I honestly don't know if my tootsies will make it all 30 days. But I suppose if this is the most of my worries...

One day we hiked through Cinque Terre; a stretch of coast with five picturesque towns. The hike was rigorous and whine inducing but sooooo worth it! Every peak after a 500 step series gave way to perfect coastal views. We trained back to our favorite town, Vernazza, and ate pasta vongule and penne al pesto at the top of the local castle. Apparently the terrain is perfect for growing basil and pesto is another regional specialty.

The next day we walked from S. Margherita L. to Portofino. More amazing views of green lush hills meeting the blue blue sea.

All in all, italian riviera : 2 BIG thumbs up!!

We are currently training our way into Siena with a quick tourist stop in Pisa. We are looking forward to art and wine in Tuscany!

Elyse & Vince
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Rae Rice said...

I took that last picture of the house with the scooter and made it my desktop. Keep the pictures coming! Make sure we know when you get to Sicily (isn't that where Vince's family is from?)

Rae Rice said...

Hello...ready for my next update!