Thursday, May 7, 2009

Eiffel tower - check.

After an exceptionally long flight, Vince and I arrived in Paris at 10 am local time. We made it, with ease, to our Rick Steve's recommended hotel. It was perfectly parisian! And just out the front door seemed almost fake; a disneyland version of Paris. White shutters and lavender filled window boxes. Old, young and in between lingering over salade printemps and glasses of vin in sidewalk cafes.

All we could think to do was order two baguettes and this made us very happy.

After this we went for a long sauntering walk along the seine river towards the eiffel tower at sunset. Très romantique! Followed by an amazing dinner (eggplant ravioli and spring salad with warmed goat cheese and bread, of course), a glass of côtes du rhone wine and another walk, this time down the Champs Èlyseè.

Paris, in my opinion, is a very unique city and I appreciate all of it's feminine details.

Lastly, this morning we had a cafe crème and a pain au chocolat. Oh, and another baguette...

We are currently sitting on the train heading south to Marseille. The french countryside is quite beautiful: rolling green hills, patches of bright yellow mustard blooms, an occasional cow and dabbled with country homes.

We are thinking of staying in Aix en Provence. But then maybe we'll just go straight through to Portofino. Suggestions?

Ciao for now.

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Lindsay said...

I want to be there!!

Rae Rice said...

Get yourself into Italy!

Yvonne said...

Oh so wickedly cool and you look very classy there by that tower!

Liv said...

i'm TOTALLY nostalgic. SO BADLY!