Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Favorite Things

I am about to reveal a secret.

I like to blog stalk.

If I'm being honest - I have likely read your blog if it is featured on my: (1) sisters' blogs, (2) my friends' blogs, or even (3) a friend's facebook page. Ok, I will even occasionally use the "next blog" tab on blogger and flip through entirely random blogs and learn all about an Indian-English woman's favorite food to cook for her family of four. This admission of guilt does not even account for the blogs I have found through google - this is normal behavior. Can someone please define "normal".

[sigh of relief] I do feel better admitting it publicly.

This all being said, I once (I'm lying, about three times now) saw on my sister's friend's blog a "favorite things" entry. I loved the idea and I will now plagiarize.

The following things are items I am super into right now and fill me with happiness and bliss:

I've always loved a good cup of tea. I like to wake up to a cup of black tea and cream and go to bed with a full tummy of chamomile and honey.
(Since I am working on not lying in this entry - I also am addicted to my daily morning cup of joe).

But lately I have been especially into Genmaicha.
Genmaicha is green tea combined with roasted brown rice. You know when you go into a Japanese restaurant and they complimentary serve you tea? And it is toasty, earthy good?
It is perfect for a mid-afternoon buzz to keep you going through the end of the day.

My sister Nicole gave me her recipe for Veg Chili and it is rockin' good. The best part of it is the Soy-rizo. And, reader, if you are so interested I bet I could get permission from my big sis to share the recipe to a select chosen few. But here's what I seriously love about my new found friend, Soy-rizo. It works in everything! From breakfast (eggs, soy-rizo and potatoes) to a mexican style pasta dish to the world famous chili. I suppose I could just use real chorizo - which I have never cooked with before - but I am too caught up with soyrizo. Anyways, this new discovery of mine is easy to find (at my local Trader Joe's), holds up well in the fridge and tastes damn good.

I first learned the benefit of tea tree oil back in my freshman year of college when I pierced my nose, then habitually picked my nose, and then got an infected pierced nose hole - ew. But some habits are impossible to break! So, my ever-so-herby sister (same one as the soyrizo chili sister) told me about tea tree oil and it worked - it healed my nose wound (it has long been known for its antiseptic abilities). But I just found Desert Essence's Tea Tree shampoo, conditioner and face wash. Needless to say, I am full of body and glowing like an angel (no I am not getting paid by Desert Essence, although maybe I should).

My pores seep garlic. But don't feel bad for Vince, his do too. We eat a crap load of garlic and our favorite way is roasted - with a freshly baked baguette, brie cheese and a glass of good red wine (or 2 buck chuck, who am I kidding?).

I guess I am revealing a couple secrets on this blog entry. I LOVE TWILIGHT! I have stolen the whole series from my sister and am half way through New Moon.
I cannot get enough of Edward and Jacob - oh and even that main character Bella. I am not normally for cult following cheesy teen books. But really, there is a reason it is so popular and I fell victim (and it feels so good....).

And that, my dear readers, is a list of things I love.
I almost forgot one more thing (woops).

One of my favorite, most loved past time is reading BLOGs!

What are your favorite things?


The Schumanator said...

Oh my god, I so totally was going to make a list very similar to this one on my blog last night but got too lazy to post. Resolved: to do my list this evening.
Love roasted garlic, love blog stalking and LOVE this post!

Nicole said...

wow...i feel like a hemp wearin' vegan eating hippy that is into trashy pop culture...laughing way to hard to actually make reasonable comment