Monday, February 16, 2009

Videos to keep me entertained on a rainy day like this:

I am a bit bored on this drizzly day in San Diego and slightly irritated at my inability to be productive on my day off from work. But what better a way to be completely unproductive than rummaging through YouTube.

Thus, here I am sharing a couple of videos with you.

This video makes me laugh especially hard these days because my niece Annella recently  had some dental work done and they consciously sedated her.  When she called me to tell me about her experience she was a bit silly and carried on about how brave she is, both at the dentist AND in the dark.  Brave, indeed.  Anyway, there is something almost wrong about watching this poor kid below freak out on laughing gas, but enjoy!

This next one shows my maturity level:

personally, my favorite part is the very last low note.

You may have already seen these videos, maybe not.  But these and others are what I have accomplished today.  Oh! And I brushed my teeth.


Nicole said...

I am so proud. You brushed your teeth. A day spent well. At least you took the time to post it!

Liv said...

i've seen that kid one before, SO funny, and totally how i feel on a regular basis.

when are you going to post a running list of schools you're accepted to?!!

The Schumanator said...

Oh my god - that POOR child.
I love how his dad says "Yeah, its kind of fun, huh?"