Thursday, October 8, 2009

Welcome to my new kitchen!


We have uprooted ourselves from perfect San Diego and ended up in Santa Monica - a not so shabby little nook of Los Angeles - while I attend grad school at UCLA. We now live in half of an old Craftsman-style home not very far from the beach. The duplex has old funky quirks and lots and lots of hardwood!

The kitchen is smaller than I was used to, but that's not saying much!

The weather has just barely started to cool down, so I think tonight I'll roast up some garlic and beets - and maybe even a batch of pumpkin bread!

Procrastinating studying? Yes.


Ashley said...

ahh! your new kitch is so cute! i can already tell i'm going to be jealous. and i'm glad someone else is procrastinating with me.

Yvonne said...

Howdy, neighbor!!! Come on out to Whittier and let's bbq some day!! Would love to see you!

Nicole said...

I love how you have the stuff up on the fridge so quick!
I can't wait to see the place for myself.
Miss you!

The SoCal Harkers said...

I love Santa Monica Elyse! and I love craftsman style houses. there were tons and tons in our community in long Beach. I like L.A. i just HATE L.A. traffic especially the traffic that is just on the 405 outside of UCLA. The worst. I worked in the Veterans hospital across from UCLA. i would have to leave an hour and a half before work from Long Beach to get to that dang hospital! So its good you live so close. How is being engaged? What is your new address? I wanted to send you something but I didnt know where to send it. Oh and.... I swear im wrapping this up... I got a job in Scripps so when you are down again let me know! love you, miss you, and good luck in school you are going to rock it;)