Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Foodie Things

Three topics for today's blog entry:

1. Has everyone heard that Gourmet magazine has shut down shop?
Just last week I was telling Vince, "You know Dear, I am a real foodie now and need a real high class magazine to accompany this status. Thus, I need a subscription to Gourmet for Christmas!" I bet Gourmet magazine might have changed their minds had I subscribed sooner...

Sad, sad loss for the food magazine world.

2. I found this very entertaining and motivating article about the Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver and his most recent project. I have always been ambivalent about him, but I now have a greater appreciation. Plus it totally addresses the ever relevant Public Health topic! Check out the article:

Putting America's Diet on a Diet

3. Today our landlord/next door neighbor told us to help ourselves to her harvest- she just can't eat it all fast enough. To this I said, "OKAY!!!"

Tonight's dinner is consisted of tomatoes and basil from the back (and front) yard.

Next week I start consuming the Japanese eggplant and red peppers! Suggestions?


The Schumanator said...

Oh lucky! I wish my vegetables would grow :(

Congrats on the new place and the organic landlord!

Ashley said...

yard envy!

Diana said...

Total tomato envy here. We had a nasty tomato blight this summer, so all 12 of my plants were wiped out...I'm drooling!

We really love this pasta recipe...I used japanese eggplant in place of the standard.


The Dagim Class said...

yummy tomatoes! You are so handy in the kitchen. I agree about Gourmet too. boo...