Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Refrigerator Revelations

Does this look messy or cluttered to you?

Because sometimes I feel that way; that I should strip my frigde clean and have a blank slate to look at before I ponder dinner. But this evening when I was lingering over ice cubes I noticed that I love my fridge! And what I love about it is the little notes and pictures and invitations that I have left up to remind me what a wonderful community and family I surround myself with.

Below you can see that I decorate my fridge with beloved photos of my sweet nieces and nephew, invitations from fantastic weddings (Todd and Erin's) and memorable 40th anniversary parties (Mom & Dad). Most these items are suctioned to the fridge with a set of italian poetry words that Rachel gave us one Christmas. On this fridge I also have the Monterey Bay Aquarium's sustainable fish list (good find, check it here) which reminds me of my 5 year anniversary road trip up the California coast with Vince; an angel magnet my mother gave me one year that makes me smile every time I see it; a Homel family contact card - fantastic back story, another entry!
But as I stood there this evening, while refilling my ice tea, I thought to myself - look at all these wonderful people. I looked down the list of names of Homel family members (on the contact card) and it brought a huge grin to my face to think about each person. I have an amazing family and I feel so blessed to be able to clutter my refrigerator with their faces and the knick-knacks that remind me of memorable times.

I also have some other items up there that should probably come on down, but I hate removing an item from the fridge because... well, because I am just sentimental like that!

What does your fridge look like?


Manders Panders said...

I think fridges are meant to be "cluttered" - they're a family canvas (and you use yours wel!). Kids' finger paint drawings, photos at the zoo, wedding invites, recipes, coupons - everything goes on the fridge. To Deprive your fridge of that honorable task would be a neglect. keep it up!

The Schumanator said...

My fridge is boring and brings me no joy whatsoever, which I hadn't considered an issue until recently. I've tried to make some cool magnets (fail), and we've even added photos that we like, but still, it just lacks an overall "umph." I'm inspired by your fridge though...Perhaps a weekend project....;)