Thursday, August 12, 2010

flower inspiration

I am starting a new section for this blog: wedding inspirations. I find myself looking at life around me to obtain inspiration for planning our wedding day. Share-worthy? Definitely. I want our wedding to have details that personalize the day and make it our own. I don't have a long list of inspiration yet, but here's where I have started:


the girly-girl in me loves peonies. 
plus, ruffled petals...ruffled dress - it all fits in.

Have you come to visit us our new(ish) pad yet? If not - you are missing out on our front garden. It is filled with roses, sage, lavender, paperwhites, lemons, sunflowers, succulents, ferns, and three full garden boxes of fruits, vegetables and herbs. This enjoyable garden inspires me:

eden roses will definitely make the bridal bouquet.

mexican sage. i lust for the deep purple.

Our garden, er... I mean, Vince's garden. Caring for this garden is so instinctual for Vince.  Must find clever ways to incorporate gardening into our day!
color, height, shape. what's not to love about these craspedias?

VINO! but even more fun (maybe): the twisty-curls and full green leaves from the vines. details.

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Diana said...

Very pretty!