Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm currently listening to...

     NPR stations vary greatly from city to city. For example, 
(while still respecting and loving my hometown station) San Diego's KPBS is targeted for a much older audience. Classical music starting at 7pm...? Staying too classy, San Diego. Whereas KCRW, a broadcast of Santa Monica College, is an intelligent, hip, and entertaining station - even past 7pm.

    Potentially my favorite part of the morning (besides morning cuddling and my cup of joe - two separate events) is when KCRW broadcasts "Morning Becomes Eclectic." One morning, while listening at work (yes, I have a job!), I enjoyed the sounds of Luísa Maita.

     Luísa Maita, a 20-something Brazilian,  just released Lero-Lero, an album that is relaxed, yet vibrant. "Lero-Lero reflects Luísa’s personal artistic expression and outlook. With obvious allegiances to Brazilian samba and bossa nova, the songs on Lero-Lero also capture the influences of jazz, pop, soul and electronica. Luísa credits the inspiration for the album to her native city, its neighborhoods and its people."

Listen. Enjoy. Repeat.

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