Thursday, July 29, 2010

The truth behind my lack of blogging...

I know, I know.
I just suck at blogging! I'm sorry friends.

But here, enjoy some photos from Sicilia:

The classic boats where old men gather to untangle their nets, drink espresso, and play Sicilian cards.

The first wedding we attended in Sicily was for Vince's cousin Salvatore Vitale and his wife-to-be Suvi. We learned that at a traditional Sicilian wedding you pray that the couple will bore lots of male children and you eat.

What was different / weird about this trip to Sicily was having so much American family there. Here is a picture of Vince and all his siblings. Quite a special event!

Vince's parents (holding a cucuzza lunga at the vucciria (read: a way better farmers market than an American could ever imagine)), Nonna, Zia Rosa, & Zia Anna.

Back in Aspra with the iconic boats.

My friend Milla cruised down from the Netherlands to visit for the special occasion. This is a photo of Vince's sister (Lisa), Milla, and myself going down the funicular in Toarmina. Toarmina is on the other side of the island from Palermo and is much more touristy - feels more like the rest of Italy, whereas everywhere else in Sicily feels like... Sicilia.

Isola Bella in Toarmina
Che Bella!

warning: put on your sunglasses.
Enjoying the serenity of Isola Bella.

The view of Taormina.

Side trip to Mt. Etna. Worry not - we made it out okay!

Termini (a small town on the way home from Taormina) where we had drinks and felt a little silly.

Santa Flavia
Back near Aspra, Dave and Shannon (Vince's brother & wife) rented a villa. The ruff life.

Romance at its best; a mountain overlooking Aspra.

Aspra's boats in the day time. This photo never gets old!

And.... (drum roll please)
The reason we spent our savings on a trip to Europe in the middle of June

The wedding!

Enzo looking ever so handsome while drooling on his Mama's gown.

Cinderella personally lent us (bridesmaid & bride) her carriage for a ride to the ball, er... I mean wedding.

Arriving at the villa!

Prepping the gorgeous bride.

"I do..."

Villa where Anthony (Vince's brother) and Gina were married.

The happy couple.

The Sicilian entertainment.

And for the finale...

The food.
I totally failed as a foodie - I'm sorry. This is all I got. Nonetheless, this was the most impressive plate: pulpo to die for, two types of smoked fish, and shrimp with caviar. What you don't see from the menu is: vino, spumante, prosecco, fried zuchinni, oysters, ravioli, fish, roasted vegetables, cheese (galore), gelato, espresso, cake, and more more more!

Good times were had by all and memories (for a lifetime) were definitely made.

Now... time to save for our own wedding!


The Schumanator said...

OooOOooh - Lovely photos and the wedding looks beautiful!!!

For a second after your "drum roll" I thought you were going to say you eloped! ;)

Elyse said...

Ha! No way!! I learned so much about planning a wedding in another country where they don't speak your native tongue. STRESSFUL. beautiful, but stressful :)

Diana said...

How gorgeous! Your Italy photos make me want to go back!

Rae Rice said...

Okay...several comments. First off, a true foodie is too busy eating to really take any pictures. Second off, it is obvious that you are the only Russian amongst a sea of tan Italians. And finally, love the pics...especially the boats. They don't get old. Remind me to show you my picture of Fijian boats.