Friday, June 4, 2010

(crickets chirping) Anyone still there?

Seven months ago I told you about my fascination with the breakfast burrito and then.. I left, without explanation.

Well, today - a day or two after a massive six-month project on homeless youth suicide was turned in, and a day or two before my last finals for this school year - I have returned to the blogosphere. For better or for worse. Graduate school has been shockingly time consuming!

Brief update on what I have been doing since we last talked:

1. Grad school.

Things I plan to do this summer:

1. Go back to Italy, with a quick stop in Barcelona (and Montreal, don't ask). Vince's brother is getting married in Sicily. Tapas & Vino anyone?

2. Summer internship. More updates on this when it is an officially sealed and finalized position.

3. Bike to the beach. HELLO, Santa Monica!

4. Train for a 5k. I am getting my Masters degree in Public Health. Time to healthify.

5. Read something other than academic articles on suicide & homeless youth.

6. Find a location for our wedding.

I'll be back in a couple days with more deets on Italy.
Until, then. Glad to be back.

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