Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My frontal lobe.

One's frontal lobe (of their brain) is said to reach full maturity by age 25. This means, that until age 25 one is developmentally considered a teenager.

I am a few days early, but I think my frontal lobe just reach maturity.

I was sitting here thinking about how I need to write a blog and was considering writing one on the garbanzo beans I made for dinner last night and then turned into hummus. I was about to write all that when a group of seven preteens rode (on their trikes) past my condo.

I hear them yell out a saying I particularly despise. I step outside onto our patio to observe, and they say it again!

I pipe up and tell them firmly, "hey kids, why don't you tone it down."

"Fuck you bitch" - YES THEY SAID THIS! (sorry for the foul language Mom, but remember I am just quoting).

And then it happened. My frontal lobe matured past teenagedom and said,

"I will find your mother. And I will -"

I get cut off with laughter and the preteens bicycle away.
I almost laughed at myself. I will find your mother?? Oh geez!


The Schumanator said...

I read this to Jon and we were both cracking up

Elyse said...

glad my geezer-dom is enjoyable for many types of people :)

Kristen said...

elyse... I love love love ur response to those children/teenagers. I hope all is well... miss u!

Kelly Wilson said...

I came across your blog by accident as I searched the Internet for info on frontal lobe maturity in young adults! I love this, you are absolutely correct, your frontal lobe sounds like it has matured!

Ashley said...

hahahaha. i almost did that to some kids sitting behind me on the number 1 bus. (potty mouths!) watch out. it goes through a school zone.

The SoCal Harkers said...

cant stop laughing!! sitting here with my sister in law and we are cracking up It was funny when I read it to myself but funnier when i read it out loud!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA