Monday, June 1, 2009

Sicily is great for many things, but not for internet reception.

Apologies to my devoted readers (Nicole, Allie and maybe Lindsay and Rachel?), I have left you curious of my whereabouts and happenings for over a week!

We left from Salerno last week on an overnight train to Palermo. We woke to the sunrise, ocean & mountain views, and the smell of cigarettes from the old man smoking in the cabin next to us. Glorious Sicily welcomed us with a smile and the prospects of not carrying our bags again for a week.

We jumped on the first train out of Palermo to Bagheria and the first bus from Bagheria to Aspra, the small beach town just east of Palermo where Vince's father was born and raised. We didn't want to be a burden on any family still living in Aspra, so we figured we get a hotel and then go find them. Well... We found them first and they refused to let us stay anywhere but in their extra home above their store with perfect ocean views. Their generosity went far beyond this with family dinners, day trips to perfect beaches, boat rides around the coast, and LOTS of gelato (one cousin owned a gelateria and I was in heaven!)

Vince's father's cousin took us in and his children showed us the best time, only one gimmick - they spoke nearly zero English! Vince got to practice his Sicilian and by the end of the week I was even sleep talking in Italian!

We were totally immersed in Sicilian culture and we soaked up every minute of it. We ate lots of seafood, homemade vino and felt right at home. Vince even got to see his grandfather's farm - quite significant if you know Vince.

Added bonus to an already perfect trip : Vince took me to the top of the local mountain and once we had a view of the ocean and Aspra - he asked me to marry him! Happiness followed :)

Next blog entry on our brief but enjoyed stay in Venice.

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The Schumanator said...

Yes! I have indeed been waiting on a new blog, but didn't want to pressure the future Mrs. Vitale when more pressing matters were at hand. Especially loving the photos this time around!

Nicole said...

oh my dear sissy!
This is the best entry yet!
Sicily is more beautiful than I imagined. It sounds like you had an amazing time...
Rachel & I a bucking for a "destination wedding"...perhaps Italy? I I don't.
We are all eager for you to come home. Enjoy the last couple of days!
ps Diana is a pretty devoted follower as well...I have turned Andrew and Theresa onto your blog...they are jealous of you being in Italy as well!

Jessica O'Toole said...

Congratulations! Len and I have been following your journey and are so excited for you and Vince.

your cuz Jess

Kristen said...

Elyse.... CONGRATS!!!! I was waiting for you to blog about the engagement. It has been hard to keep it to myself since Vince told Abel and myself... we wish you both the best! I hope you are having a fantastic time. Ciao
- Kristen

Brianna said...

Hey i am a devoted reader too!!!

LVMommy22 said...

congrats on the ring, sweetie! i may not read your blog every day, but i do check it every few days. i love all the pix you've been posting!!! thanks for sharing your trip.
:) M

Rae Rice said...

We are bursting at the seams here in CA. We are so excited that Vince is finally going to officially be "Uncle" Vince. Nellie is already planning her overnighter with you! Sicily is gorgeous...Pompeii is disturbingly cool. We miss you...only three more days and I can call you again!

Liv said...

I am so so happy for the two of you. While I look forward to your return, it seems like you fit very well in the culture that Italy offers.. keep some of it with you when you come back to SD.

Yvonne said...

Congrats chicky!!! that is sooooo wonderful.... it looks like you have been having an amazing time! Have a safe journey home!

Anonymous said...

The voice spread from the Mediterranean Sea to San Diego somehow, so I got to know the news before reading your blog.
Well... che momento romantico!
Un abbraccio,

Lindsay said...

Let's be honest...I'm the only one who reads your blog every ten minutes... come home....NOW!

David said...

Very cool pics and stories. Congrats on the engagement news. It will definitely be hard for people to top your engagement story - oceans, mountains, italy - it's all there!

Enjoy the rest of your trip.